A furry, adults-only Space Station server for the SkyCorp community.

What is 'Space Station'?

Space Station games typically have you take a role on a space station and try to survive as long as possible until the station inevitably collapses into chaos. There are many different implementations/servers of the game available to try due to its open source history. Various communities have had their own stations, each with their own distinct flavor.

Our particular station server is based on SS14, which allows for non-tile based movement and cross-platform gameplay among other neat features.

About Blep

There is not much custom content, yet. It is the same as stock SS14, however, with the following differences so far:


You can either use the SS14 launcher or my own. If you use the SS14 launcher, you will have to register an account on their servers. No account is needed using the blepstation launcher.

Learn to Play

SS14 controls are quite challenging for new players. I have some ideas on how to simplify them when I have time, but in the meanwhile, Liltenhead on YouTube makes some great video guides on the various game systems:

See also more Space Station 14 Video Guides for role specific guides, as well.

There is also a guidebook in-game.